Farm Stand

Our Farm Stand… A great place to by local, fresh produce.

Farm Stand at Historic Penn Farm is available for rent!

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green roof

Farmstand at Historic Penn Farm


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A Farm Stand Face Lift

The inside and outside of the farm stand got a much needed face lift.   Customers will see a new, brighter space for buying fresh produce.

New Ways to Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Funds received through a Community Water Quality Improvement Grant allowed Delaware Greenways to install ways to reduce water pollution. We added a green roof canopy to the farm stand that will capture rainwater and use it to water plants growing on the roof.  The farm stand has a new energy efficient metal roof and a series of gutters, downspouts and rain barrels.  These water capturing devices trap rainwater to prevent it from washing chemicals from roads and farm fields into the Army Creek Watershed.

So Your Produce is Clean and Fresh

Delaware Greenways, in cooperation with Bank of America and The Trustees of New Castle Common installed a produce washing and cold/dry storage area in the farm stand to use as produce is harvested from Historic Penn Farm.  Fruits and vegetables grown and harvested by William Penn High School students and our farm partners will now be washed and cooled just minutes after they are out of the ground.  This helps preserve the vegetable’s full flavor and texture so it stays fresh.