Future Trails of Northern Delaware

Working Together for the Future of Trails & Pathways in Northern Delaware

Delaware Greenways is working on a major project to re-define the way trails are developed in Delaware.  Supported by generous funding by the William Penn Foundation, this project brings interested organizations and government agencies to a common planning table. It forges a new path for bringing public and private dollars together to build new trails and provides useful information for you, the trail user to engage with us on this important project.

Here’s how we are doing it:

  • Speaking with One Voice: We’ve put together a coalition of partners that have worked with us to develop a map that shows existing trails you can use today, trails in the planning process, and trail ideas.  The trail ideas represent an exciting opportunity for community engagement, for trail enthusiasts, bicyclists and folks who just like to get outside and walk to help us plan the next group of trails for all of us to enjoy.  Check our Coalition page to see the members of the Future Trails Coalition and visit their websites.
  • Bringing Private Funds to the Table:  We know that the traditional governmental funding available to build the trails that we love is not unlimited and that relying on government funding alone means fewer trails will be built.  So working with our governmental partners in state and county government, we are developing public-private partnerships to bring non-traditional funds to the table.  We believe that this will help more trails to get built faster.  There are several great examples of successful trail networks funded with a blend of public and private moneys.  One of these is the Circuit Trails of Greater Philadelphia.  We are using their model to create ways to incorporate private funds with public ones in our state.  Watch our news feed to see the progress we are making.
  • Looking at the Big Picture:  We are hard at work putting together up-to-date, user-friendly maps to use in this process.  These maps are designed for you to use as you use our growing trails network, as you think about where trails are needed, and as you follow and participate in getting your favorite trails built.  Check back often as we continue to update our maps and add new features.

Coalition Partners

The Coalition is growing and you can watch as it happens!  As new organizations commit to joining, their logos will be added to the  Coalition Partner page.  Check back frequently to see who will be partners in building a truly ground-breaking trail network in Northern Delaware.

Who are our Coalition Partners?

study-area-draft-4Check out our newest maps:

As we go through the trail development process, we will be adding new maps and overlays that will help tell the story of the area.  You will be able to see things like how many people live in an area or how the trails link with schools, parks and cultural attractions.   Check back to learn more about the area and about the trail development process.

Building the Coalition

Nonprofit Organizations, Hiking and Biking Clubs, Civic Associations, Government Agencies, Corporate Partners

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Gathering Ideas

Neighborhood Residents, Walkers and Cyclists, Families, Nature Lovers, Landowners, Commuters

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