Building the Coalition

Check Out Our Interactive Map

Thank you all for the input and feedback you have already shared.  We’ve used these insights to develop our next iteration of a major trail map.  You can now explore trail ideas using the Future Trails Interactive Map with the following capabilities: zoom in/out, choose what to display, search feature and more!  Over time we will continue to update this map with new content and capabilities as we work toward a consensus on a priority major trail network.

Explore the Interactive Map

At this point “major trail ideas” are just that – ideas!  Some may not be at all feasible or are duplicative and may drop off once a preferred alignment is chosen.

Explore the map, share with your constituency if you wish and let us know what you think of the tool?  Send comments and inquiries to Adam Crosby, our GIS Community Outreach Coordinator at

We’ll reach out to learn what major trail ideas or improvements are the highest priority for your constituency.

Delaware Greenways is assembling a group of representatives from like-minded organizations, government agencies and corporate partners to work together to develop new trails.  This working group will meet regularly to do things like decide trail routes and identify funding sources.

Why should our organization join the Coalition?

  • You get a seat at the table, influencing the future of trails in Northern Delaware.
  • As part of a larger group, your voice joins others to become a powerful force in prioritizing trail projects.
  • You represent your organizations needs in deciding where trails go and which ones get developed first.
  • You may find partners in like-minded organizations to co-promote your own programs and initiatives.
  • You are in on the ground floor of a new initiative that is the future of trail development in our state.

As a Coalition member, what role do I play?

  • I present trail projects to my organization and its members to gather feedback about their priorities and needs.
  • I share this feedback with the coalition and help make decisions about the future of trail development.
  • I help identify funding sources and strategies for trails and pathways.
  • I throw the weight of my organization in with others to advocate for the movement of projects.
  • I give input on creating new processes and policies to change the way trails are developed in this state.


How do I sign up?

Contact Jeff Greene, Director of Planning at

Coalition Library

Focus Group Presentation – February 2017

Coaliton Meeting Presentation – March 2017