Gathering Ideas: Help Us Create a New Trail Network

Your Ideas Matter

Whether you walk your dog on the Greenways trails each day, or would like to find an off-road option for commuting to work or going shopping, you are an important part of the trail development process.  We want your ideas and suggestions for developing trails and pathways that will serve your needs and will become a valuable resource to your community.

Give us Feedback!

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Please consider the following questions as you explore the map.

  • Which trail ideas do you value most and why?
  • Do you have additional ideas to be considered in the major trail network?
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Learn More About Future Trails of Northern Delaware

How trails are developed now

For years, the trail development process has been seated in our state government.

How Current Trail Development Works

Why we are changing the process

We think that you have a lot to say about which trails are a priority and where they should go.  We want to make sure your voices are heard as we make decisions about what to build and when.

How your feedback will be used

We will take your ideas and record them on a map to be discussed in future Coalition meetings.  When you’re telling us about your idea, please be as specific as you can so that we can make sure we record it correctly.

We can’t provide the beautiful, usable, convenient trails that you want without your input.  Thanks for being part of the process!