Building Restoration

Returning Farm Buildings to their Former Glory

The Trustees of New Castle Common and Delaware Greenways have worked together to fix up the farm’s buildings.  Even though Penn Farm was listed to the National Register of Historic Places in 1997, the buildings had fallen into bad shape.   A detailed research project by University of Delaware Historic Preservation staff revealed the farm’s history and architectural drawings of the main farm buildings.  Renovation began immediately and continues today.


Bank Barn (2015)

The Barn has been repaired and upgraded to meet required fire and building codes.  The lower barn was enclosed and the dirt floor was replaced with concrete. The barn is rented for weddings and other special events.

(Click here for more info on renting the barn.)


Granary (as is)

This grain storage barn is in reasonable shape and is currently used for storing farm equipment.


Farm House (2017?)

In 2015 the Trustees hired architects to create plans for renovating the 18th century Farm House so it can be inhabited again.  The goal is to preserve the historic look, while turning some of it into a modern family residence and opening other areas to the public.

Milk house (2015)

This 1950s shed used to process milk, sits right next to the barn.  Delaware Greenways and the Trustees worked together to redesign and renovate it into handicapped accessible bathrooms.


Farm Stand (June 1, 2016)

Renovations to the Farm Stand on Frenchtown Road (Rt. 273) were completed in June 2016 and include a green roof designed to capture and use rainwater along with produce washing and storage areas.

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