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Protecting byways tells the story of Delaware’s heritage

Delaware’s Byways connect us to the special places in our State.  These places are the very best of our historic, scenic, cultural and natural wonders.  Travel our byways and experience the best our state has to offer.

What is a Byway

A byway is a road that highlights a combination of Delaware’s heritage, recreational activities and scenic beauty.  It is managed by citizen led committees to protect six special intrinsic qualities:  scenic, historic, natural, cultural, and recreational and/or archaeological.  It encourages an appreciation of its surroundings and the development of tourism and recreational resources.


Byways We’ve Helped Create

Delaware Greenways has created and continues to help manage:

  • The Brandywine Valley National Scenic Byway:  Delaware’s only National Scenic Byway
  • Delaware’s Bayshore Byway:  Connecting an internationally recognized coastal plain
  • Historic Lewes Byway:  Gateway to the Bayshore, celebrating the first town in the first state and anchoring the southern end of Delaware’s Bayshore