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Better access to outdoor trails helps promote more active lifestyles

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Our goal is to complete a family-friendly trail & pathway network

Trails for Active Living

Our vision is a culture of active living in which walking and biking are favorite and available options for transportation, recreation and connecting with nature.  We want to make outdoor trails more accessible to people of every age and ability so that they will choose to go outside and become more active.

Active living is directly linked to improved physical health including reduced risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Spending time with nature is good for mental health and fosters an appreciation for our natural resources.  We are committed to bringing these benefits to our communities.


What we do

In partnership with others we are working to expedite the creation of a complete family-friendly trail and pathway network connecting neighborhoods to important destinations.  We bring together government agencies, private land owners, and local citizens to develop a series of trails that connect together. Our goal is for these to link together some day to create a trail system that stretches from one end of our state to the other.

We also work with local lawmakers and agencies to make sure that our trails are well maintained and marked.


Our Achievements

The organization’s trail planning and advocacy has been instrumental in bringing about some of the finest trails throughout Delaware, most notably the Northern Delaware Greenway Trail and the Jack A. Markell Trail.  Other successes include Junction Breakwater and Gordons Pond Trails, Michael Castle C&D Trail, and the Valley Road Pathway in Hockessin.