Focus Project

Wilmington Loop

The Wilmington Loop is a proposed transformational public infrastructure project — a continuous community trail around our state’s largest city that will improve public health, lift-up isolated, underserved neighborhoods and spark economic renewal and expansion benefiting every citizen. In total the loop covers 15.6 miles, with half of those miles already in existence, and connects three of the First State National Historic Park sites.

Trails to Discover the Past

Juneteenth Celebration Route

Delaware Greenways invites you to experience the “Juneteenth Celebration Route”. Traveling from the Old New Castle Courthouse to Wilmington’s Tubman-Garrett Park on the Jack A. Markell Trail, this virtual experience enables you to walk, run, or bike in the company of eight important Delawareans who fought for freedom.
Click to view the Honoring Delaware's Freedom Seekers Story Map to learn about these courageous individuals that are an integral part of Delaware's history and the Underground Railroad.

Our Mission & Vision

We envision a State where trails, pathways & scenic road corridors connect everyone to where they want to go, empowering them to live healthier lives as they discover and enjoy the outdoors.

This access to the natural world provides benefits beyond the pleasures of inspiring sights and sounds. These outdoor connections have a positive effect on mental and physical health, the environment and economy, improving the quality of life for individuals, communities and businesses.

With that vision in mind, our mission is to collaboratively develop and promote networks of trails, pathways and scenic road corridors that welcome all people and communities. 

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